Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Start. In Art.

It was my very first year living in (my now hometown) Marathon, On. Attending Margaret Twomey Public School, I was a very young girl in grade six at the age of eleven. My teacher's name was Mr.Harrison. He had an informal, rather odd, criteria of teaching... Aside from that, he is responsible for assigning me my very first successful art assignment. We, the students, were directed to select one of several images, take home, and return upon the due date. Being naturally competitive, I challenged myself with the most difficult drawing, hoping to out shine my fellow peers. Of course, also being a kid, my assignment was left incomplete the day before it's due date. My mother explained to me that I would not be leaving my bedroom that evening until my assignment was complete. It was crunch time. Let me tell you, I spent ALL night in my room. Hours upon hours later, I found myself FINALLY satisfied with the outcome. I hopped in bed to rest for what was left of the night. In the morning, giving my art work a second glance with fresh eyes, I absolutely could not believe what was in front of me. Impressed and excited to show my skills, I brought the drawing to my mom. She also was very impressed. I felt great; I discovered my talent. Unfortunately, I do not have a  copy of the drawing but I could describe it. It was a beautiful couple, of a man and a woman, sitting on a bench in a park like setting. The woman gazed into the eyes of the man with so much love, she had great posture and elegance. Their wear was of a classy wealth, formal. I focused on the figures with suggestions of background detail. Remembering back I still can't bring myself to believe the capability I had at such a young age, and without having a clue. The image of my first drawing will forever exist in my mind, along with the memory of it's becoming.


  1. You should try recreating it just for fun some time! A simple sketch or something.